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We integrate ourselves into your export team bringing in our country specific know how.

A high qualified cooperation with your new business partners has significant value for the international success. In order to guarantee this, we provide you with all the necessary documents under consideration of the country specific and legal requirements. In the event of tendering we prepare all the tender documents for you.
Every new business partner is a new challenge. In case of international partners, cultural and communicational barriers enhance this challenge. The team of LPA & Partner consists of graduates in business administration who studied and worked in Germany as well as in Spain/Latin America. Consequently, they have a great intercultural competence and can perfectly adopt to both cultures.
We support your team with the establishment and maintenance of your new business relations by providing you with culturally adjusted templates. This cultural adjustment becomes even more important when dealing with conflicts.
We know that the expansion process requires a high workload. To deal with this workload we support your export team for example in case of substitution or specific measures which need additional employees like e.g. trade fair services, trainings or customer services.

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