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We help to strengthen your international relationships.

There is a German proverb saying "Relationships need to be cultivated so that they can grow and be strengthened" - empathy is the key word for that. Empathy is the ability of understanding the perspective of another person and put oneself in his place. In order to do so it is important to understand, accept and familiarise oneself with the mentality and culture of the other person. LPA & Partner imports with its multicultural team this ability to your company in order to spread it amongst your team.
We support and advise you in any issue of your new business relations and take over the part of a mediator in case of negotiations and/or conflicts. Moreover, we lead your starting export team as experienced project managers.
It is of high importance that your export team identifies themselves with the new market. Therefore we offer training and workshops of the Country's specific behavioural rules or market peculiarities which are especially adjusted to your needs.
On top of that we train your new business partner to make them familiar with your product portfolio and corporate culture.

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