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We believe that "language is the source of misunderstandings"
(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

Every person that speaks several languages knows that a literal translation is not possible. Good translations require an expert translator who fully understands the whole phrase and theme.
Technical translations do not only need the corresponding technical terminology, but also specific technical knowledge and background information about the products.
In contrast, an advertisement text has to capture the reader's attention and therefore need to be adapted to the target groups requirements. In that case, fluent language skills are not enough. The "mastery" of the language is a cultural understanding and the identification with the target group.
LPA & Partner takes the responsibility of translating your whole companies documentation (technical documents, advertisements, website, press releases, training documents, etc. - under consideration of country specific requirements). In order to examine the quality of our translations, we invite you to take a look at the homepages of CLAAS, markilux and Jentschura.
On top of that, we establish together with our associated lawyer's office "Salamanca & Santos" your general standard terms and conditions, as well as any agreement or legal contract in Spanish or German.
Our experienced translators are available if required in case where your company needs support, during a negotiation or event.

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